Per USDA, a 'suitable' day is one where weather and field conditions allowed producers to work in fields a major portion of that day. Dates indicate observation for week ending

Data source: USDA NASS

The number of days suitable at different probabilities are displayed in the chart above. The grey area indicates the range of observed days suitable (between the maximum and minimum) recorded during each specific week. Rather than considering the number of days suitable for fieldwork each week, it is useful to consider how many days were available between specific dates in the past. Information on number of days sutiable during specific date ranges are displayed in the charts below.

The green and blue lines on both charts represent the 15th percentile and average number of fieldwork days, respectively. The green shaded area on the histogram represents the 15th to 45th percentile fieldwork days. The map below is in testing beta phase and displays changes in fieldwork trends as number of days per decade for the date range selected above.

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